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While creating this collection, I often had this question in my mind,

What if we were never shown any anthropomorphic image of a God?

Would we have been more accepting towards other Life forms then?

By creating a manmade world in our mobile phone screens away from cosmos and seeing God as a Human with big muscles, kind eyes, long robes; somewhere we have forgotten that God is not a Human figure but larger than that.

Transcendence collection is my attempt to look to the universal background behind the deity figure, not simply its outer implications and beginning to recognize a cosmic awareness beyond all belief and personality.



Na MA  SI VA YA (space)

I am just energy wrapped in 5 elements & will end up in the 5 elements.

A living intelligence in Nature to guide and illumine humans on this Planet.

Also known as Pashupati, the Lord of all animals, Shiva is the ultimate symbol of the environment. Many natural forces are enveloped in Shiva's persona: his flowing tresses represent the forests themselves, trapping within them the mighty river Ganga, the source of perennial water and life. He is invariably painted or sculpted beneath one or several trees, generally the bilva. His vibhuti or sacred ash is the symbol of fertility, a gift of the earth.

Shiva manifests himself in the panchabhutas, or five elements, Shiva is worshipped as fire, water, space, wind and earth - without which, creation and life are impossible. A thought firmly rooted in the truth of our interconnectedness.


Enveloped in Crystals 

pockets of energy processed by nature in millions of years.

Darkness is eternal – without any origin and without any end – darkness is omnipresent. As soon as the source of light runs out of its life, we find darkness again, very much present and undaunted. Darkness is indestructible and permanent – Darkness is Shiva.

Shiva- means that which is not. Shiva is nothingness.

Exploring the mystery and depth of the universe embedded meticulously in each layer birthing from the nucleus of the entire cosmic cycle: Shiva. Each creation acts as a doorway to the outer space, the Brahman.

If you are a Devotee or a Collector,
Write an email here to receive details of the collection. 


lotus double.jpg

Shiva as Environmentalist ?

We, humans have developed a sophisticated world of technology which makes us feel as if we are the masters the world. This disconnectivity has caused a lot of imbalance and deep trauma in generations. It is time to re-connect with the greater world view over our social world and conditioned human mind to ...

Select Original artworks created 
by the Artist during her journey
& experiences of several years.

Snowy Mountain
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