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SOURCE JEWELRY - Introducing Mysticism through jewelry

Conceived during Monsoon season, a season dedicated to Deity Shiva. “SOURCE” collection is Handcrafted in pure silver and rare Himalayan alpine flowers handpicked at 4342mts and further enchanted with the powerful ornaments adorned by Lord Shiva & Shakti to reconnect us with the Source of meditational energies.

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The Story behind  

Inspite of doing specialization in Jewelry & Accessories designing for 4 years in university, I could not find connection with it and left the same in search of finding myself.

Now to my own amazement, I am creating products again! Although it’s the same product but in all these years my heart has changed towards it. Earlier I could only see the aesthetics of what I was creating, but now I understand what was lacking. It was The Soul.

Conceived during the pandemic,

'LOTUS WITHIN' pendant was the first design in Source Collection with which I began fine silver jewelry range again. This design symbolizes regeneration and growth inspite of all the difficulties, just like Lotus flower which finds its way and blooms beautifully inspite of being born in mud.

The hopefulness behind the creation inspired me to create more designs which can act as a reminder of how we are a part of Nature and perfect in our own ways. And while we are on this journey, I wish that these little but powerful ornaments invoke

Our truest nature.