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" Only Good questions lead to Good Answers "

  • How do I find perfect size for my jewelry ?
    Find your Ring Size If you have an existing ring, you can calculate the ring size using the diameter of the ring. You can further check for getting an international ring conversion chart. There is another method if you do not have an existing ring using a thread.
  • What are the materials being used in the jewelry?
    Common materials in Our collections : Clear Resin & fine 925 silver. We love to ix and match different materials in Our jewelry. Each piece contains a piece of natural flora-fauna handpicked in the Himalayan mountains, which are carefully set into handmade 925 silver frames and sealed underneath multiple layers of glossy jewelry-grade resin. The resin protects the plant and provides a glasslike finish. Other Gemstones which we use: Shiva Shell eye Shiva Shell, also known as Pacific Cat’s Eye is a stunning natural gem made of calcium carbonate and have brown and black band that are carved into the shape of the eye. Spiritually, It symbolizes the ‘third eye of Shiva’ and has Water energy which is believed to sharpen the wearer’s intuition, which in turn enhances the discernment and deepen the understanding of the World. Moonstone Highly valued by monks, shamans, spiritualists, and devotees from various religions, Moonstone is regarded as a stone for “new beginnings”, a stone of inner growth and strength. Guided by Water element, It is related to third eye and heart chakra an soothes emotional instability and providing calmness.
  • How can I take better care of my jewelry ?
    Every piece is handmade in fine 925 Silver which naturally darkens (oxidizes) as it ages. How fast it ages depends on how you take care of your jewelry, your skin type, climate and several other factors. Many people enjoy the look of oxidised silver, but if you prefer a more polished piece you can very easily brighten it back up with a polishing cloth. It's a great idea to invest in a polishing cloth for your jewelry and they are inexpensive, very long lasting, and can easily be found on Online. You can use these to polish up brass, sterling silver & gold jewelry. When polishing your jewelry, just remember not to rub the cloth on any of the resin parts, as that can dull the glossy finish of the resin. Be sure to carefully wipe or wash off any residue from the cloth. There are some other tips to show love to your jewelry. It is recommended to avoid submerging your jewelry in water or other harsh chemicals. Always remove your jewelry before taking bath or swimming. When worn regularly, silver usually retains its shine. If left open on a dresser for long periods of time unworn, it can tarnish or “grey” (depending on the climate you live in). It is better to store in a jewelry box or an air tight container, preferably in a dry environment away from direct sunlight when not being worn (do not store it in the bathroom). ​​ Clean your piece with with a soft, moist cloth and ensure the piece is dried well. Due to the climate and humidity conditions, resin can develop a surface smudge, If there is a fingerprint or a smudge on the resin, you can wipe it off easily with a lens cloth.
  • About Re-plating Service
    We can help you replate only if it is possible in your design as It is difficult to replate jewellery with gemstone or resin as it can scratch the surface and damage the piece. This service is only available in India.
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