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The Source Collection


 Whenever I look outside my window, I see a vast pine forest blessed with snow laden high mountain range peaks in between. What makes it more like a blessing is the fact that on the peak of these high mountains, there is a very old Shiva temple at an altitude of 4342mts, almost touching the sky and spreading its blessings. Living in Himalayas, I have absorbed a lot of inspirations from my surroundings. Among them, Shiva and his meditative energy has a huge impact on me and the Nature around, including plants, animals and humans.

I am a believer of rituals as rituals not only grounds me but it also helps me to connect with Nature around. I believe every small ritual/ habit/ gesture holds or release certain energy and I often share how it activates and is involved in my daily life on my Youtube Channel.  Rituals are universal in nature which is beyond any religion or faith, just like symbolism.


More than seeing a symbol as just a manmade drawing, I believe that every symbol has a deep rooted history and comes from a collective unconscious. That is why wearing a symbol is a powerful reminder of a certain message and holds immense energy.

In the source collection, I have used some powerful symbols coming from mythology. The first symbol which you will see repeatedly in the collection is Moon. A beautiful celestial body, Situated on the forehead of Shiva- Sahasrara chakra, Moon is the origin of all the meditational energies to a human being. Keeping that in mind, I decided to use Silver metal to hand forge the symbol of moon for its calming properties.


Every creation is handmade at Our Himalayan Studio


The second symbol, Lotus is known as a metaphor of enlightenment and rebirth in many cultures. This symbol is also the underlying inspiration of Our Studio which brings the meaning of Hope and Growth, hence you will also notice it’s presence in the Logo of Soul Song Art Studio.

The Lotus flower is also a metaphor for spiritual movement through our chakra system. Rooted at the base of our spine at the root chakra, It grows up through the spine to its crowning glory at the seventh chakra – the 1,000-petaled lotus flower which represents the expansion of our ever growing soul.

I have also used other symbols like Tripundra ( saivites tilaka, a spiritual symbol representing Shiva’s threefold power of will, knowledge and action) and Unalome ( Buddhist symbol representing individuals transcendence). In fact. I had to give a lot of thought in selecting the kind of flowers to be used in such a meditative collection. And guess what, I went on a 2-day trek to the same high mountain which I see from my window and handpicked some rare alpine flowers near to the Shiva temple.

I am still mesmerised with the thought that for how long these flowers must have soaked this blissful energy from the surroundings.


Sharing pictures of the trek which leads to Indrahaar Pass, 4342mts, Dhauladhar range which which also became the Source of this collection. This pictures were taken on the peak where my partner placed the first Shiva I had created from The Shiva Series in order to take blessings from the highest source.

Joachin had been the first believer of the Shiva series which also became the Spine of Our Studio, where we soak in every creation in the same mountain energy and send it to you. As you view the Source collection further, I have also gathered few facts here for you all to know more about where we are coming from. 

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