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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

5 years ago, I remember reading an article titled as ‘Lord Shiva a great environmentalist.’

Although the message got diluted in political controversies, the underlying message stayed within me where Shiva is seen as the ultimate symbol of the environment. Many natural forces are enveloped in Shiva's persona.

His flowing tresses represent the forests themselves, trapping within them the mighty river Ganga, the source of perennial water and life. His vibhuti or sacred ash is the symbol of fertility, a gift of the earth. He is accompanied by Nandi the bull and, often, different wildlife, for he is Pashupati, lord of animals.

The researcher tried to link the symbolic representation of #LordShiva with the very important aspects of Nature around us and emphasized on how total disconnect with the nature is getting manifested in the form of climate change, global warming and natural disasters; but it was scientifically denied. I wonder how we keep symbolism just as a metaphor and loose the potential where it can bring so much depth in our living conscious world.

We, humans have developed a sophisticated world of technology which makes us feel as if we are the masters the world. But very often our views are being reminded and challenged by the greater world of #Nature, which is evident in our era of climate change.

This disconnectivity has caused a lot of imbalance and deep trauma in generations. It is time to re-connect with the greater world view over our social world and conditioned human mind to reach our own highest realization. The encounter with the form of Lord Shiva remain a good point of entry for us to approach higher reality beyond the visible world as Shiva indicates the supreme consciousness that exists deep within us.

Shiva enveloping Nature enveloping Shiva - Transcendence Collection, Art Peace Studio

Shiva- means that which is not. Shiva is nothingness. Shiva is the image of highest refinement of human life which extends to highest realization. A living intelligence in Nature to guide and illumine humans on this Planet.

The Lord of contrast, Shiva is not only known as a destroyer but also known to manifest himself in the panchabhutas, the five temples dedicated to Shiva, each representing a manifestation of the five prime elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

At the Panchabhuta Sthalas or five elements, Shiva is worshipped as fire, water, space, wind and earth - without which, creation and life are impossible which reminds us that we should live in harmony with nature.

At a higher level, Shiva represents transcendent pure consciousness, which is often described in terms of light, crystal or transparency. It is also the inspiration behind my Transcendence collection wherein each creation is a doorway to the outer space, the Brahman. The tangible formless form of Shiva is to provoke thought and desire to be intangible and infinite like Nature and heighten up our own imagination.

Revealing first Shiva creation at the Ganges, Rishikesh, India

The Hindu religion, like all ancient religions, worshipped nature and used religion as a means of protecting the environment. Unfortunately, many of these symbols are forgotten today. Devotees remember only the human form of Shiva, forgetting the greater elements of Nature it is enveloping.

I would be grateful even if a handful of believers begin associating Nature as part of the persona of the gods with this Transcendence Series and respect Nature more. Note: You can show your support by purchasing these Select Art Prints created during my Spiritual journey & experiences of several years, here : Spiritual Wall Art Prints

Sincerely, Apu 🙏

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