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Updated: Jun 4

Disclaimer: The content in this blog is my individual light hearted approach towards our connection with God, Love in the current scenario. It is not to offend any kind of religious belief or to pressurize anyone to buy Love gifts !

I do not know if God loves Us or not but I am pretty sure that the concept of God and Love arises from the same source. Let me tell you how !

God is infinite. Love makes us feel infinite.

God shows us the path. Love accompanies us on that path.

God gives us life. Love makes us feel alive !

Love introduces us to the emotions which are hidden deep inside of Us.

God gives us the courage to see them.

Nobody has seen God. Nobody has seen Love either.

We spent Our whole lives looking for them, when they both are to be found inside of us.

Makes sense, right !?

In all this, I often wondered if love is all around us, then why do we need gifts, flowers or greeting cards to prove the existence of love? Why do we need symbols, statues to be reminded of God if he is all around us? Are these just plain marketing stunts, blind faith or there is something more to it.

Scratching my head over it, as I was scrolling on the internet, I found these intriguing lines:

If air is everywhere, why do we need it in our tyres?

If water is everywhere, why do we need it in our bottles?

If light is everywhere, why do we need flashlights?

If a nude girl on your mobile screen can eroticize you, then the statue of God can also spiritualize you.

That's because to give us life, help us survive in this life

and to help us focus on our goals of this life.

The comparison can be shocking but it made me think about the logic behind it. It is simple.

We are humans afterall ! Being sensory beings, our senses helps us taste experiences and form our belief system. This is how visual we are ! And for visual beings, it is difficult to focus on nothingness, isn’t it ! That is why we need a tangible form to discover it's meaning and slowly form a personnel connection with the same.

That is why a Rose flower given by a lover can make you feel loved everytime you look at it ! That is why a diety statue/symbol can act as a reminder towards higher consciousness where we can put all our concentration upon, to come towards ourselves, towards our Soul.

Think about it.

The list keeps going on! There is another fascinating similarity between God & Love where they both emphasizes on establishing a personal connection with the other ! As much as we need to develop a unique love language to connect with another human based on our individual tastes, senses, belief system, upbringing, family history and so on, we also need a unique form for establishing that personel connect with God based on our individual perception, tastes, senses, goal, intellect, belief system, attributes and so on.

Now we know the reason behind so many forms of God ! ( because we are so many ! )

Here, one can compare God to water, which is taking the shape of the utensil, when poured in. The numerous idols are meant to symbolise a divine aspect which enables the practitioner to dwell upon the one true god (for the individual believer) in a more tangible manner. The form stimulates the practitioner to find their own meaning and definition of divinity, encouraging the practitioner to make one’s very own and personal connection between Soul and The Brahman / The divine being.

Imagine when one right form in Our space can empower us or even liberate us, how one misplaced form can also disenchant us ! And in Today's world, where we are constantly attacked by comparisons, endless power, criticism and painful perfection, it becomes even more important to find inner strength and create a #sacredspace to empower us and connect with the higher self on a daily basis.

This need is addressed through various acts like putting an affirmation on the bedroom wall, by making a mantra tattoo on the body or by keeping a rose quartz in the pocket. They all fulfill the same need by acting as reminders of a greater message. They help us keep our belief system unified and guided throughout the day. The realization of the impact of Our surroundings on our daily lives makes it important to be aware of our space and the objects we keep within.

Our environment shapes us, so does Art.

This has also been my primary thought behind creating Transcendence collection. Wherein all the #LordShiva shaped paintings are intended to reach the seeker, the believer, the explorer to help them bring stillness and dive in deeper in their meditation practise.

As for those who are on the path of their spiritual journey, symbols and momentos upon which one can focus on can certainly help to find guidance and depth through connection with the greater universe on a daily basis. I pray that you may find your guide, maybe here. Please click here for the full collection.

Exercise to Practise : Try to interchange God and Love in every quote you read, you will find more reasons to believe that they come from the same source. Do comment if you found / find something interesting along the way.

Smiles, Apu

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