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Singing the Song of my Soul

For as long as I can remember, art has always been my language to express myself. Having been raised in the mountains, I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood in silence and would come back from school and sit in a corner with my sketchbook. That would bring me Peace. After I had completed my Graduation in Lifestyle accessories from NIFT, one of the most premium Design colleges in India, in 2009, I immediately joined a luxe jewellery design house in Mumbai.

Life was going as planned until I had realized that my heart was not willing to run the race of city life.

At the age of 22, I left the hustle-bustle of city life and started travelling.


While travelling, I allowed myself to explore out of my comfort zone to understand myself better. While on this journey, I learnt new Local crafts of Rural India, Buddhist Mandalas, Calligraphy, practiced vipassana, art therapy and had a lot of memorable, adventurous rides. As I was learning, I also decided to start sharing my vision and started teaching calligraphy & creative thinking in design universities along the way. I explored art through different mediums that expanded my understanding of the word 'creativity'

This time I was not going to art, instead, art was flowing towards me.

In India, sages travel from South to Northern India (Himalayas) before they sit for their Sadhana (meditation); something like that happened with me too! After travelling for a decade, I reached the same scenery from my childhood, The Himalayas, and found my small but serene studio in between the stillness of mountains.


Humans have developed a sophisticated world with technology which appears like a vast world on its own; yet in the process we have largely shut ourselves off from the mysteries of the greater universe. The greater field of consciousness has probably been better experienced by earlier human cultures, when humans lived more in contact with nature and this separation from Nature has caused deep trauma to later generations.

My mission is to re-establish the link in between God-Nature-Human and envision a humanity firmly rooted in the truth of our interconnectedness. I see my every creation as a physical manifestation of a higher calling, a reminder of true strrength which lies within all of us. Here every creation is handmade intuitively, from the scratch in the foothills of Himalayas, believing that the chosen creation will act as a reflection of your truest nature.

At Art Peace Studio, I consciously handpick Himalayan flora and fauna in every creations with the intention to provide protective and positive energy in any given space. As plants vibrates and resonates with root chakra, the chakra responsible for our survival, further brings more stability, stillness and silence in a being.